Monday, 9 July 2012

Making an effort.

It's funny how the weeks fly by, and the targets you reach for slowly become unachievable! I had really high hopes that I could lose a certain amount of weight before this weekend! I have a hen weekend to go to, and wanted to look as fab as possible in my new dress!! Not to mention that I will be spending a lot of sunday at a spa in a swimsuit...
And so with 4 days left, I have not only failed to lose any, but have put on a lb!! And now I need to make a last ditch effort to get back on track with my Primal diet, even if it's just so I can go out this weekend without looking bloated!!

So, here goes! I'm sure if I write it down, I will be more likely to stick to it!!

Monday - Steak, sweet potato chips, onions and an egg
Tuesday - Honey butter pork ribs, with cauliflower and butternut squash mash
Wednesday - Primal lasagne and salad
Thursday - Primal chicken pizza (Cauliflower base)
Friday - Pork loin steak and roast veg

I'm hungry already!!

Sunday, 17 June 2012


And when there is cake, it is of course necessary to have something nice for me to eat too!! These are chocolate coconut macaroons from Mypaleolife, and are so good I may be making another batch really soon!!

Fathers Day

Determined to outdo my husband when it comes to gifts, I decided to make him a cake for Father's Day this year! Usually I find this impossible due to the fact that I can't hide anything from him! This time, I got sneaky and baked a small cake on the Friday, then wrapped and hid it until this morning when I knew he would be having his allotted lie in! By the time I got the kids up dressed and fed it is already 8 o'clock, and knowing my husband, I have exactly an hour before he is up dressed and coming downstairs himself! Amazingly though I manage it!  1 hour to cut, fill, carve and decorate a 6 inch square cake! I think that is a new record for me! This design was not my own, but one I discovered through my new obsession, Pinterest! Here is the link for the original.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Recreating a favourite

After my recent success with Oopsie Rolls, I decided I would try making wraps with them so that we could have fajitas! They turned out pretty damn well, and although the texture was a bit odd as a replacement for tortilla wraps, they did the job! I also had to make a basic guacamole to go with it, so I was very pleased with my cooking efforts! Tonight, we're having a simple steak and sweet potato chips meal!!...

Monday, 2 April 2012

Trial and error...

Whenever we've changed our diet, we've had to learn how to make new things, and inevitably learn new cooking skills! This has been very true for me this past couple of weeks!  I've been getting a little bored with our normal menus, so have been trying out new things! Some things have worked, others have been huge failures, but below are some of the things that I will definitely be making regularly!

Chicken fillets coated in egg, herbs and ground nuts. Served with mashed butternut squash, absolutely delicious!! This idea came from Mark's Daily Apple, and will be used as often as possible!

Now this paleo chocolate and nut cake is truly divine! Not something for every day, but to be able to have a slice of chocolate cake without feeling guilty, is incredibly good! Thanks to Modern Paleo Warfare for this recipe!

Oopsie Rolls! What a great find these are! Still egg like in texture, but firm enough to hold a filling, and rather cheesy too from the cream cheese ingredient! I have Ang to thank for telling me to Google these!!

And finally, paleo chocolate fudge! Although unlike fudge in any sense, these are little bites of heaven!! Recipe was found via Pinterest on Eat Nourishing's website!

And so, off I go to write a new menu for the week! I finally have enough ideas to keep things interesting!! Hopefully you'll want to try some of these too!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A fresh start

After a small hiccup at the end of last week, a spur of the moment meal out with the husband, and Mothers Day, I had put on 2 lb by the end of the week instead of losing it!! This week I have carefully planned my meals, for both lunch and dinner, and tracked them in advance in the hopes of making a reasonable loss!

   Lunch - Grilled salmon and stir fried veg
   Dinner  - Beef casserole and roast sweet potato

   Lunch - Sausages with fried cabbage and onion
Dinner - Rumps steak with cauliflower mash, fried onion and fried egg

   Lunch - Roast chicken thighs and salad
Dinner - Nut coated chicken breast, butternut squash mash and veg

   Lunch - Bacon, egg and cauliflower mash
   Dinner - Pork chops with apple and onion, roast sweet potato and veg

   Lunch - Rump steak, butternut squash mash and veg
   Dinner - Home made chicken curry

   Lunch - Chicken leg quarter with stir fried veg
   Dinner - Bolognese with courgette spaghetti

Lunch - Sausage, bacon and egg
Dinner - Roast pork and roast veg

As well as the better prepared menu, I have also been out for my first jog! If you knew me before, you'd know that I couldnt even manage a jog to the end of my road! Last night, I chose a route which came in just under 2 miles, and actually managed to jog more than half of it! I enjoyed myself, and have woken today with nicely aching muscles, but otherwise feeling pretty good! I actually have high hopes now of being able to jog the Race For Life this year!! Which reminds me, I must go sign up....!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Meal Planning Week 7

Another week, another meal plan! And they never get any easier! I swear that trying to decide in advance what we're going to eat all week is one of the hardest things I have to do!! This week it's made no easier by the fact that it's Mother's Day at the end of it, and we'll be heading over to the mother in laws for the day! I am already preparing to have to take a packed lunch, just in case the food is packed with gluten and sugar, Eeek!

But I suppose that's just more reason to be good the rest of the week! And so, here is what I hope we'll be eating for the week!

Monday - Chicken enchiladas, (with egg and Greek yoghurt wraps, to be tried for the first time!)

Tuesday - Pork Chops with roasted veg

Wednesday - Home made chicken burgers and salad

Thursday - Home made chicken curry with cauliflower rice

Friday - Rump steak, fried onion and roasted veg

Saturday - Roast belly of pork with cauliflower mash

Sunday - Mother's Day Dinner!!